Cute Pumpkin Craft

10420143_845301068836614_2004957512579447608_nI feel so behind as I meant to type this up and share it over a week ago! While doing a Trunk or Treat one of the people did not hand out candy. Instead they provided all of the craft supplies to make a really cute pumpkin craft!

They cut long 1 inch x 12 inch stripsĀ out of scrapbook paper. Popped little holes on either end and the center. Then little metal clip was inserted through the center and the paper was fanned out in a circle. Then each side was folded up to make a paper circle. Leaves adorned the top and its a pumpkin when pressed down a bit!

It was fun and very similar to how to make a paper ball Christmas ornament!

Olivia really enjoyed doing this by herself. She gave it to me as a gift when she completed it and I have it in my wall curio. That will stay there forever!



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