Crush a Can Day

September 27th is Crush a Can Day!

Do you recycle cans? Know anyone that does?

Growing up in the country there was no real concept of separating the trash before putting it out on the curb to be picked up. A neighbor however use to be involved in the recycling business. It was where I first learnt about recycling cans. They had a little can crusher attached outside their house and they would crush cans. They also use to do weekend trips to go find cans to crush and then drop off at the recycling center.

Until I moved in with my husband in the city that had been the extent of my recycling experience.  The city had two bins, one for recyclable materials and the other for trash. We’d put everything that could be recycled into the proper can except cans. He’d save those and one of his relations would drop them off when they needed money or if it got to piled up, my husband would take them in. Amazing how it can really add up over time!

The city I now live at, doesn’t offer recycling services at the curb for those that live outside city limits. Its one thing I wish they’d find a way to implement! Either way there are many benefits to recycling a can (or more) today!

Things to do today:

1.  Crush and recycle a can today! Each can is worth about a penny give or take (different recycling centers may adjust the price they pay by the hour or day, if they have a lot or little business that day).

2. Did you know that recycling helps creates more jobs than just throwing items away to be put in landfills? It does according to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection on their Fun Tidbits About Recycling, Energy and Climate Change page &

3. Learn about the “life of a soda can” on the Tufts University website @ 

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