Crochet Reusable Breast pads *Pattern*

So… it was pretty embarrassing to be at a school related function for my girls to have well… lets just say, a milk accident! I was happy it started raining and I used one of Lilah’s diapers to try and prevent any more leaks while there. 
13866649_1152564094782472_609306241_nIt was a long fun day and by the time we left, the girls were all asleep and I was ready for my nap. I also had plans to go out the next day for a girls day with my sister. I had totally forgot about picking up some breast pads.
I don’t want to use the disposable kind since it seems like such a huge environmental waste. Not to mention, I have so much yarn and know how to crochet.. there is no reason I can’t figure something out. I mean really, why pay 10 or more dollars for something I can make for free??
So here is what I’ve come up with. The photo is of my first pair of breast pads I made which started with a chain 4 and then connect… but it made the inside loop too big so on the next pair I did just 3 and I think its perfect. So here is my attempt to explain what I did since a few ladies have asked about the pattern.
Lionpaw’s pattern
Base: Chain 3 and connect to make a circle.
Row 1:  9 SC (single crochet) and one connect to complete the circle
Row 2:  two sc in each stitch from previous row – for the one that was the connect stitch I did one SC and a connect
Row 3:  sc in each (doing nothing to make it bigger this time)
Row 4:  This row I did  2 sc in the same spot every 3 spots.all other spots it was just 1 SC
Row 5: I increased it by doing 2 SC in the same spot every 4 spots
Row 6:  I increased it by doing 2 SC in the same spot every 5 spots
This made it the perfect size for me… but for anyone who wants or needs them to be a little bigger. Can keep adding rows on but be sure to increase the distance between the spots by 1 for every row. meaning on row 7 you should be increasing it every 6 spots… by row 8 it should be an increase of every 7 spots.
Yarn type: I used just regular cotton yarn. I’ve inquired with a number of crochet groups and nursing moms… and it seems this is the best, affordable type to use. But feel free to make your own choices!
I made a pair while nursing my little one and watching an episode of NCIS… they are real easy!






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