Crochet purses/bags!


I wanted to try to make something cute and usable to my girls for valentines day. So this was done sneakily over a number of days when the girls were outside playing on their swing set while I crafted on the bench watching.

It wasn’t easy since they kept asking what was I making. It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told them and I almost never get time to craft without them nearby (I love their company, so I don’t mind!).

I didn’t do a pattern but just tried my hardest to make circle bottoms and have them resemble some form of a purse. The purple one came out a little bigger than the red one. I sewed on the heart shaped buttons when the girls went to bed early… and filled them with little holiday treats and stuff. They love them! They fit a few my little ponies easily!


Cost of bags: 1 $

I bought the buttons at dollar tree and have a ton left over to use for other projects. I think I used like ~40 out of the ~90 in package.

The yarn was what I had in my stash (gift from my sister!) in colors I know the girls love.

Cost to buy?

Likely around 4-5 $. For the buttons and a skein of yarn (3-4 dollars depending on where you buy yarn).  I didn’t use a lot of yarn and it would be easy to make two on one skein with a lot left over (possibly for a third bag).


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