Crochet – Almost done with the kitten afghans!

I just realized when I was sorting though some pictures and finishing up one of the remaining kitten afghans that I didn’t share some of the completed projects! Previously I had mentioned I wanted to make a little afghan for each of Ponyo’s kittens. Well, as of now, I am finishing up making the last two mini blankets.

I am still working on my daughter’s kittens afghan and I only have another row or two to finish up one of the afghans for my sisters kitten. Hers I started with a sparkly yarn I had thought I could still purchase in stores. It turns out, it seems to have been discontinued! I did try to find some more, but no luck so I am just going to wing it.

However, here are the pictures of the first three completed afghans that I forgot to share! All of them were made with colors I had on hand / left over from other crafting projects. 🙂


I really hope to have the 4th kittens afghan completed tonight and to get a good jump start on wrapping up the last one.



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