WIP: Crafts – from beads to paint!

Kindness rocks

The girls and I have been working on another batch of them. Here are my rocks… and the girls will be sharing their creations. 🙂

We purchased a giant bag of craft rocks from the local lumber store. They had it on clearance for 11 dollars and since the bag was already ripped, it was part of the discount stuffs for half off!

Bracelets & other jewelry 

Its been rather fun using up some beads in our craft supply stash! Olivia and I made some bracelets with rose quartz (good healing energy for the heart and to help release negative emotions) and we all made some different pieces with a variety of other beads. The only cost so far was the about 3 dollars for the magic mesh / expandable string and this can be used to make many necklaces and bracelets.  We need to still get some supplies to tie off the pieces properly. 



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