Craft Splurges!

My last round of shopping for craft supplies was awesome! My husband and I went to a number of different places on his day off and along the way, I think I went to every place that sells craft stuff in one form or another!

For starters the local habitat resale shop had a ton of useful sewing patterns. They sell them two for a quarter.  I bought 10 total… Though I really was temped for more! I had some control and selected things I know my kids and I can make and will use. The other patterns will still be there if I’m really meant to have them. 🙂

For patterns I selected:

  • two different apron patterns – one covered making different pot holders and the other showed how to do embroidery too
  • A chair cover collection(it has 4 different styles)
  • A pillow set – has flower shaped and other cool types
  • A few mixed accessories ones for journal covers, sewing bags, bags, etc.  Each pattern set had at least one item that either Livy or Abby mentioned wanting to make!
  • A kids set for shirts, shorts, and pants
  • A skirt set for me! 🙂

Then I got two clear handles for a quarter each. Now I have three handles and will figure out making  little sewing/craft bags for the girls and I.

A book for making different friendship bracelets for the girls.

Pillow filler stuff – Livy has some pillows she hand sewn that needs to be filled plus I have a few I made for the girls reading corner.

Walmart  had yarn on clearance in the garden shop for 75 cents. Got a few skeins for girls and I.

Then I also purchased more paint (6 bottles), brushes, and rocks for making more kindness rocks.

All in all I spent under 15 dollars and got a ton of stuff to do over the next few weeks thanks to finding great bargains!


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