Craft project from our pizza box!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI promised Olivia and Abigail yesterday that we would paint today. So when we got home after doing laundry and picking up some pizzas at Little Caesars we started painting. I know my girls and they will paint anything. They especially love boxes and canisters.

So I snagged one of the empty pizza boxes for my daughters to start decorating. They carefully colored the top of the box and as they continued to do their little work with some assistance from me. Not much because Olivia told me she is a big girl and can paint it all with Abigail. So I stopped and watched. Then I had a Halloween craft idea. It looked like a lot of grass in a spooky graveyard or something.

So I figure we can work on it a little more tomorrow after it has a chance to dry overnight.



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