Cotton Candy! A must have for all fairs…

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI really enjoy going with my family to local fairs and festivals. I think its a wonderful way for the community to spend time together having personable interactions off the computer and out of the digital world that consumes so many.

At the last festival we went to this weekend there was a really neat vendor that was selling cotton candy. It was neat because they were doing demonstrations on how its made and the price was really nice! 2 bucks / dollars per a bag!

My husband treated us to a pink bag of tastiness. It has been a while since I have seen this sort of vendor at a festival or fair.  I do hope to see them around more often as my family recently moved here!

Do you like cotton candy? What sort of snacks/food items do you think should be at all festivals and fairs? I think funnel cakes and cotton candy should be required!

A little snack! I love fair foods!



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