coloring purple and pink elephants

A while back the girls received from PETA kids an interesting coloring book about animals in a circus with a focus on elephants. Tonight we did some more activities in it. Olivia “read” to me a few pages.  She also found one of the word searches and had fun circling some letters as she “completed” the puzzle.

Olivia, Abigail, and I colored some too. I thought I grabbed a green crayon to make some grass around the elephants feet. Instead it was a blue one! I laughed it off and my husband was like “just color the sky green!”.  It went well with a purple baby elephant and a pink mommy one.

I have to say, I love that this house can be so creative and open to different things.  Including teaching a basic love and respect towards  all animal forms.

Thank you PETAkids!


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