Coloring Boxes and a free book!

10325563_859033760796678_8135027473824942041_nI have a number off different odds and end boxes at the house. So I pulled out a few so the girls and I can each color a box. Since we were making the Rice Crispy Treat ornaments it seemed only fitting to color and drawl some trees and ornaments.  So that’s what I did for most of the time minus the pizza slices Abigail wanted.

When they got a little bored with coloring my girls got to enjoy using some of the boxes to play peek-a-boo and hide-n-seek. 🙂

In my search for boxes to use and abuse with color I realized I still had 3+ Kellogs cereal boxes I did not use for the family rewards points. All of them were free book codes so I ordered the girls another free book! I picked the third Clifford the bog red dog book.

Day 2: Rice Crispy Treat Ornaments



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