Collect Rocks Day

20316838_1580070712026309_62923777_oSeptember 16th is Collect Rocks Day!

I am pretty sure there isn’t an item type that some person in the world hasn’t formed a collection of some sort. But Rock collecting is a super fun thing anyone can do. Rocks exist just about everywhere in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors. Do you collect rocks?  I use to like collecting unique rocks from places that I visited and then drawl little things on it as a reminder of where I picked it up at. Then I’d place them in one of my garden beds. 🙂

Some of the neatest rocks I have seen was this giant one shaped like a whale up on a mountain one of my brothers use to live on. I don’t think anyone carved it but it really did look like a whale! Other rocks I’d love to see would be the carved ones over on Easter Island in Chile! That is one thing on my bucket list I hope to do when the girls are a little bit older.

Things to do today!

1. Look up different rock types and see if kids can find any to name in the yard / neighborhood.

2. Start up or expand an existing rock collection.

3. Check out some of the neat structures made over the last few thousand years which were made with rocks 🙂



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