Cleaning and planning Waldorf?

Today has just been a real long day so far. Its been raining off and on all day.  I have gone outside a few times with my daughters and each time we were rained out and they asked to go back inside. If it was a tad bit warmer I know they would play through the drizzle. But its super cold out and its like liquid drops of ice!

So I have been cleaning big time and the girls have been enjoying listening to those sing a long Disney songs and watching some cartoons. I have been looking up a ton about the Waldorf education curriculum that &happymum has spoken about so wonderfully.

I really do feel like my oldest daughter who is three turning four would be happy to do something a little more structured for learning.  So much I have already been doing with her and my youngest daughter just seems to blend so well into what I have read about the program.

Does anyone follow the Waldorf curriculum? Where did you start?


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