Christmas Memories of Christmas Lights

The photo is of a little holiday plaque / wall decoration I picked up for like 79 cents a couple of days ago. I couldn’t resist it and the words on it are so true. It says “Christmas memories melt your heart”. They sure do!

I remember one year as a child going with my family, my mom, my grandmother, and siblings for a car ride to go around looking at lights. We never decorated with lights outside but some years I did hang them up inside along the ceiling in the livingroom.  But there was no reason we couldn’t go look at houses that did!  A lot of people decorated with fantastic lights in such neat scenes.

Some houses had so many decorations up it was light it was day outside even though it was night time. Such great memories!   Its kind of funny that years later  after moving away several states, I can still see some of the lights down there! One of the most amazing houses actually has a ton of videos online where the lights flicker to the music songs playing on a local radio station down there.

Oh such great holiday memories. I miss my mom and grandmother a lot, but I am so thankful for them being in my life to have many great happy memories.

Christmas Wonders, Florida:




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