Christmas 2018!

Gosh has it really been this long since I updated here? Sorry! its been a very busy Christmas holiday season! Between baking, crocheting, sewing, and other crafts.. there really wasn’t much time to put to being here! It was a really good Christmas and my kids were so blessed by God through the church they do choir at and the missionary! God really does take care of his kids!

This year, I made the felt hand ornaments of my kids and their friends! One of my more favorite projects to work on with my children have been the hand made Christmas stocking. We did a Cleaveland brown’s theme for my husband, I did a rainbow hearts and flowers mix for mine. Delilah got a ladybug inspired one because she really, really loves the cartoon show Lady Bug. Abigail is still into kittens so she has three kittens on her stocking to represent herself and her two sisters. Olivia chose a candy/ loli pop theme for hers! All in all, I’m very proud of all of our work even if it took us a few weeks off and on to work and put all the pieces together.

The girls also did some holiday crafts to hand out to their friends and classmates at school. They wanted to decorate candycanes and I told them about the little mice ones I made once with my mother. Olivia loved the idea and totally ran with it! She made little rainbow colored mice. Abigail on the other hand created “Kittycanes” and handed them out. We cut out kitty heads and she decorated them with eyes, whiskers, and noses!

They really loved making stuff to share with others and are already planning on the next gifts to make!


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