Cherry Blossoms?


Its been a busy week! I hit 26 weeks yesterday in the pregnancy. Everything is going along great there. 🙂

Olivia is back to normal. She and Abigail have been enjoying the spring weather a great deal. The other day out while doing errands we came across some real pretty blossoms on some of the trees/bushes. 

I picked a few for them both to have and then they asked for more to do their hair. The guy who was tending to the lawns said they could pick whatever, he didn’t mind at all. So they did.

13077190_1090166204355595_769279388_nThe flowers are pink and grow in clusters with a very delightful fragrance. I looked up cherry blossoms and a number of photos came back looking similar to them. Here is a picture I took of the blossoms on the tree.

I’d love to add a tree or two to the yard. Hubby priced them to be around 30 dollars. That isn’t bad!  Well worth it in my opinion! Especially since they really do work so wonderfully when putting flowers in different hair styles and other things…

And if they do turn out to be some form of editable treat… even better.



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