Cheeseburger Day!

September 18th is Cheeseburger day!

Cheeseburgers are something a lot of Americans eat. They are sold in many restaurants and a ton of fast food places have been established to make this a quick meal for the on the go families. Nothing beats a good old home grilled cheeseburger! The variations are endless with different choices for buns, cheese, and toppings!  Its a great meal item to share with a little or a lot of people.

Do you have a favorite cheeseburger?  I still would love to try making my own bleu cheese burgers topped with cheese. Until then I am going to say my favorite cheeseburger is a hamburger topped with melted provolone cheese.

Things to celebrate today!

1. Enjoy a tasty cheeseburger at home or as a treat out! Check your local restaurants, they may even have a special promotion for today!

2. Make your own checkers board game – with a battle of the cheeses!!! Simple construction paper can be used in place of or on top of the regular checkers pawns.



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