Check your receipts! Clearances are great if they actually honor their signs

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe other evening I was out doing some errands with my daughters. I needed to buy some more laundry soap so I ran into a store to get that. At the front they had a huge cart of plastic Halloween pumpkins with a sign saying 90% off.

I checked the tags to see how much they were originally and it was 1.99. So the math I calculated was around 20 cents a bucket. I had my girls each pick out one and did some other shopping.

Now I never seem to go in and out and just get whats on my “list”. But I was a little surprised to pay as much as I did. It seemed way to much.

So I checked the receipt while walking out and sure enough those 90% off pumpkins rang up at full price. I did go to the service desk to get it adjusted and thankfully they fixed their error. I would have been livid had they not since they had all kinds of signs up “all Halloween sales are final! no refunds or exchanges on costumes” ¬†among other things.

So its super important to check sales slips! Its super easy for a sales clerk to make a mistake in ringing up something twice or the shelf price doesn’t match the register price. This happens to me a ton at the larger retail places like walmart or kmart.



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