Auld Lang Syne .

  It only seems fitting to paint a rock for the new year! This was painted and hid a while ago. I’m a little behind on posting stuff! I’m getting use to scheduled posts so I’m trying to keep the motivation going!  Interested in a related song that inspired part of this? Auld Lang Syne 
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Circumstance Kindness Rock

I painted this rock a while ago… and it has since been found and maybe rehid! I hope whoever has it likes it. I received inspiration (mylot link) for a message from god app.   “circumstances don’t make you, they reveal you”

Heart Kindness Rock

I hid a few kindness rocks a while ago in this batch. I made the mistake to think I sent all the pics to myself before deleted them on my phone! I didn’t! Oops!  Oh well, I had fun painting and hiding them!

Hearts Kindness Rock Collection

I am playing catch up on some past kindness rocks that have already been painted and hid around town by my daughters and I. These are a few of the different heart ones we did.                           This was one of my first attempts
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I felt super bad this evening after realizing someone had spent some extra time in time out than they needed to. Earlier this evening, Olivia and Abigail were playing. Olivia used her carebear Mr Funshine to smack Abigail on the side. I corrected her and was like “you don’t hit your sister”. I know they
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Had a coloring "party"

My sister came over for a visit while her boyo took my husband to his job interview today. While she was here it was a fun time to chat a little bit and get caught up some. Olivia was pretty antsy so I brought out some coloring books and our coffee can of crayons. We
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Queen Elsa Hair...

My oldest daughter really LOVES the movie Frozen.She’s been singing the songs and talking about it non-stop. We watched the DVD the other day and it only rekindled my daughters interest in the movie. This time though, she just had to have her hair like the Queen in the movie. Its not easy getting an
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