I felt super bad this evening after realizing someone had spent some extra time in time out than they needed to. Earlier this evening, Olivia and Abigail were playing. Olivia used her carebear Mr Funshine to smack Abigail on the side. I corrected her and was like “you don’t hit your sister”. I know they
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Had a coloring "party"

My sister came over for a visit while her boyo took my husband to his job interview today. While she was here it was a fun time to chat a little bit and get caught up some. Olivia was pretty antsy so I brought out some coloring books and our coffee can of crayons. We
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Queen Elsa Hair...

My oldest daughter really LOVES the movie Frozen.She’s been singing the songs and talking about it non-stop. We watched the DVD the other day and it only rekindled my daughters interest in the movie. This time though, she just had to have her hair like the Queen in the movie. Its not easy getting an
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Telephone Timer

I found this old telephone timer when sorting through some more boxes in storage. I did a quick search on ebay to see if there is anything similar to it. I haven’t found anything. I think its cute and through I never used it to speak on the phone for any timed conversations, I wonder
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The little lightning bug that escaped!

Last night my family and I did some lightning bug catching. We had made our own jars to hold the bugs in that we caught. The one thing I really didn’t think about was that some of the air holes I poked in the lids were large enough for the bugs to crawl out of.

Pony Fort

Sometimes its just NOT easy getting toys picked up with a three year old and a one year old so close to her terrible twos if shes not already in them. I have been trying to get them to pick up their My Little Ponies for two days now. Even if I just start trying
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they all have their eyes open *kittens*

Ponyo brought one of her kittens out to me. So I figured its time to handle them a little to switch out their bedding box. They could climb out of the old box and keep wandering about. One kitten even walked out of the girls bedroom into the hall. So I changed them to a new, bigger box
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