Her journal!

I mentioned before about having a little notebook to write down my ideas for future posts and things to talk about. Well, mine looks like that. I bought a package of three and opened them up. I kept one for myself and gave one to my oldest girl. She had so much fun scribbling in
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Happy  Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s day was a total blast. It was abby’s first st Patrick’s day and livy’s third! We had fun listening to Celtic and Irish themed music. Watched water horse…. I made a home made bacon Cheddar potato soup**.  It was just a nice fun day!  

Welcome 2013!

New years eve was the first of some long overdue choices! We enjoyed a nice evening at home free of drama and insults! Jim had to work early. I spent the day having our usual fun coloring and just enjoying the day. We also worked on a neat project that I planned semi last minute.

The morning of August 1st seemed as normal as it could be. I was excited because it was the day before my little girls expected due date. I really wanted her to come on her own. I was a little worried about my appointment to be induced at the hospital on Friday. I had really
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