family fun

Its been so busy this Christmas time!

Today should be a great day to catch up on things! All rock painting classes and meet up groups are done. 🙂 There isn’t anything major happening until this weekend so today and tomorrow can just be spent watching holiday movies, baking, and getting caught up on cleaning. Aside from dishes, sweeping the floors, and putting
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Baking those cookies!

I had to giggle a ton when making cookies tonight with my three daughters. Delilah, my toddler, knows the general idea behind making cookies and was totally excited to get in on the fun. The only problem? she didn’t want to wait to mix everything together. She grabbed a spoon and went straight to scooping
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Thanksgiving Board Game!

This year my family added a new activity to our game playing on thanksgiving! We made our own board game for the holiday! It was a lot of fun. I added some little extra things in it similar to chutes and ladders. So some spaces if people landed on them, they had to:  collect leaves
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Kitty Family rock!

This is a kitty family representing my family. 🙂 My daughters helped select the colors for everyone. Its one more rock being added to the keep pile since my girls do not want it hidden.

WIP: Halloween 2017

I really wish my oldest daughter was awake to try this on (though it is for the best that shes asleep and sticking to her school routine even though school is out for the week)! I started sewing her purple dress together tonight and just really can’t wait to see it on her. I really
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