I love a great freebie! But ONLY if it is something my family can actually use! Otherwise its just a big old waste and I’d rather someone else claim that freebie so they can enjoy it where I know I won’t. 🙂

♥. I just signed up for a new website that offers surveys and tracks your progress in doing healthy things like walking and sleep.  So far I did a survey and linked my fitbit. I’m at 497 points. 10,000 are needed to cash out!   

Trunk or Treating has started...

The Halloween festivities has officially begun in my area.  I had so much fun with my children at the first local event for kids. Olivia went as a purple witch and yes, she made her own dress. We bought some of the accessories all the kids wore (ears, hat, etc).  Abigail went as a rainbow
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Livy and Abby are knitting...

I went to a knitting and crochet class the other week and learnt how to knit on a loom! Its a lot easier than I ever had imagined it would be. I’ve tried very unsuccessfully to learn how to actually knit in the past.  I’m happy the teacher was really nice! My first project was
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