Shopping and dining

My completed Nativity Scene !

I started this the on monday at a friend’s churches night out for the ladies. I knew I wanted to add colors and do something a little different than just the white that was the example. I can’t help it…  I really love colors and have a hard time sticking to the standard! So on
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Two skirts are completed!

Those of you that follow me on Mylot know I’ve been working on sewing a couple of holiday themed skirts. I finished two for the most part for my older daughters so they could wear to school today. I need to start on the third one for baby girl Delilah. I made matching hair ties
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Our New Van!!!

I took this picture a few days ago! Its just been super busy with Halloween, Delilah being sick, and life. BTW, did I mention I’m going to be teaching a rock painting class (link to mylot post)? I am! My amazing husband has been busting his ass and saving up, to buy this real awesome
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