Welcome 2013!

New years eve was the first of some long overdue choices! We enjoyed a nice evening at home free of drama and insults! Jim had to work early. I spent the day having our usual fun coloring and just enjoying the day. We also worked on a neat project that I planned semi last minute.

St Patricks Day 2012!

I was soooo happy I had the morning of the parade off from work! I never thought that they would do the parade a week earlier, when St Patrick’s Day actually fell on a Saturday. But they did. The parade was early afternoon and I had work at 2. I had a hard time keeping
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sisters afghan

Back in September’s I finished one of my sister’s afghans and took the pic to taunt her before giving the troll and blanket to her.

Calendar update

So, I’ve been busy with Livy, work, and this project the past few days. 3 more days to get it completed… The above pic was taken last night. Livy was “helping” by taking the lids out of the box, chewing on them, and tossing them to the floor for the cats to knock around. I
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christmas advent calendars

so, I started working on the advent calendars yesterday. I was having a hard time debating cloth or paper for the fronts. So I went through my scrapbooking paper and found 25 different pattern paper I think will work, So I am going to do that since I already have it and it will be
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Coloring the eggs

This was a lot of fun though a new experience!!! I’ve always colored eggs as a kid or an adult using the cups of colored water a person dips/dunks eggs into. The box set Jim and I picked up had little bags you drop the egg into, then poor a few drops of color on
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Brown's Afghan

So I’m still working on and off on my hubby’s afghan. Its just about the perfect length to cover and keep my legs warm as I work on it. 🙂  Which will be super nice since its starting to get really cold. It was like 65 out last night or something, but to me it
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