Today has been a great day! I won a free photo book from walgreens and I made Jim a Christmas 2012 book for valentine Day. I really hope that he likes it and am tempted to give it to him now. Livy and Abby have been helping me scrapbook today. Livy is great at gluing
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I am soo behind on scrapbooking! I haven’t really started anything for Abigail! I feel so bad but I have been taking pics and need to go through them and print them! I also need to go through and find any pics I can to finish Livy’s and the family one for 2012! That means
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making hearts

Livy is showing off her winter coatjim just got her! Now she’s all ready to really play in the snow and have fun doing some outside winter sports! Today we had some fun doing Abby’s carebear pictures and we made some cut out hearts for February!

Welcome 2013!

New years eve was the first of some long overdue choices! We enjoyed a nice evening at home free of drama and insults! Jim had to work early. I spent the day having our usual fun coloring and just enjoying the day. We also worked on a neat project that I planned semi last minute.

St Patricks Day 2012!

I was soooo happy I had the morning of the parade off from work! I never thought that they would do the parade a week earlier, when St Patrick’s Day actually fell on a Saturday. But they did. The parade was early afternoon and I had work at 2. I had a hard time keeping
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sisters afghan

Back in September’s I finished one of my sister’s afghans and took the pic to taunt her before giving the troll and blanket to her.