Tis the season...

We’ve been watching Christmas shows and reading holiday themed books. Abigail is completely hooked on the movie “Santa claws”. Its very much like Santa Claus except with kittens.  We’ve included Christmas themed books into our nightly entertainment. Delilah loved Alvin in the “a chipmunk Christmas”. Shed smack him whenever she saw him on a page.
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recipe  cards?

I have been doing a lot of recipe searches online to learn more about eating the paleo / caveman diet. I have found so many  wonderful recipes but don’t find it very convenient  to run back and check the computer  for the next step. I do like the tablet but worry I might spill  something
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Gonna use our snowman kit!

Right now the girls and I are waiting for our game pieces to dry since we just painted them.  So what better way to enjoy the afternoon than to try making a little snack? I purchased this kit for like 50 cents at big lots when they had all their Christmas stuff on sale for
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I believe I had mentioned earlier that one of the stores near where I lived put all of their holiday food items and decorations on 90% off clearance. I bought a mix of both things to use this year (food products) and for next year (decorations and like holiday themed paper baking products).

Our Gingerbread house!

The girls and I made our Gingerbread house the other day. It was pretty fun since the package included everything needed to decorate it and the frosting was made milk free! The girls and I did our best to keep the house standing upright, but yeah. Having some great help from 2 year old and
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Santa Salads & tomato soup!

I really loved this picture of my daughters eating dinner! Since it was christmas time I did go with a holiday theme for serverware and my girls got a kick out of eating a “santa salad” along with their soup (sadly it was made from can) and pasta. I am really glad tomatoes are permitted
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