Cast Iron Cooking Utensils

I found some cast iron cooking utensils! Its the complete set as far as I know, though there is a cast iron hanging stand that goes with it. I know my mom had all five pieces since these use to adorn the fireplace inside of my childhood home. I haven’t come across the stand just yet, but I’m not done going through all the boxes.

I think its an adorable little set. A bit rustic but a nice blend of the old and the new for our kitchen being constructed. For colors we are going with a beach like theme. Soft shades of coral and teals. So a blend of “found” items seems like a nice idea for some accessories.

The only cast iron I have ever cooked with was a big old cast iron frying pan my grandmother had. It was super heavy and really hard to lift but it was fun to use on her gas stove.

Have you ever cooked with cast iron before?.



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