Care Bears Share Your Care Day

September 9  is Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Care Bears is one of the cartoons I’ve allowed my children to watch for years! In fact, Olivia’s first toy was a yellow funshine care bear she still has today! Its such a wonderful show that highlights and exemplifies all of the wonderful characteristics I think all people should have. It teaches about love, compassion, understanding, positively responding to negative things into a good outcome, and so much more.

Its a show about love. Its love for everyone and anyone!

Today, isn’t just about the cartoon that has been around for decades. Its about taking those wonderful lessons and applying them to the real world.  If you want more information on it, check out Jessica’s blog posted for the Share Your Care Day . 

Things to consider doing today with family

1.  Use #ShareYourCare on social media to spread a little love on what you are doing today, to share your care with others!!

2. We Care Bears Project – – is a project that aims to help supply first responders and other organizations with stuffed animals to help comfort children that go through tragic experiences.

3. Enjoy watching an episode or two of the classic cartoon series Care Bears!


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