card games

My husband picked up two decks of cards. We didn’t want to go through and sort the four deck card sets we made. Well, I didn’t mind doing it but he wanted those kept for when we play hand and foot or whatever card games.

I like the snowmen cards, but he doesn’t like how small they are.  So I started getting some stuff together to play and Abigail pulls her doll stroller over and sits on it all ready to play!

I then pull up a chair to the other side of our coffee table and Olivia and Abigail take a seat on it all ready to play. We played a number of card games.  My husband won most of them.

I think he was pretty surprised when Olivia took the three of clubs where it belonged over the two. She’s pretty good with her numbers visually and can count up to 10 no problem on her own.  I am not really sure what kids her age are suppose to do, but I think shes doing okay there.


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