Car Wheels and completed St Patricks Day Car!


Last night the girls and I finished making our St Patricks Day themed movie and parade cars. 🙂 I cut out wheels that Olivia painted. She did orange wheels on her car box and yellow for her sleeping sisters car. I pulled out some glitter and glue and made a few sparkling shamrock’s on the cars and wheels.

My husband made some really neat windshields for the cars. I couldn’t figure out how to keep them attached without the girls knocking them off whenever they enter or exit their cars.

Olivia and Abigail really enjoy playing with them.

The total cost for the project was free since all the materials were items I found around the house to reuse.

Got the big boxes for…

Boxes have been shaped


Round 3: Painting

painting the seats…

Decorating our *cars*




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