Can you find the road?

I am standing by my mailbox when I took this picture facing the road. Somewhere under all of that snow is a road and two sidewalks plus many driveways.  Its been like that since this morning and there is still a ton of snow that came down since I took that picture earlier.  Right now we have a minor break in it.  So far no plows or anything have been down this road.

The police have put out winter advisors saying if you really don’t have to be out, don’t be out on the roads! So we did not go get the girls picture taken with the Grinch today. I also basically cancelled our ornament decoration night.  I hardly expect anyone to drive in that to come make some decorations and the point of it really was to give kids a chance to get some time together while parents can do other things.

I still plan to make some ornaments and do the stuff today.  What we don’t make this year, I’m sure the girls will have fun making next year!


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