Can you eat with chopsticks?

Can you eat with chopsticks? I surely can not. My husband tried one time when we were back in Ohio. He did pretty great and over time he has learnt how to eat with them. So when we went out to eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant he asked for them instead of  a normal fork.

Our daughter Olivia saw him using them and asked for a pair too. So he let her use them and she did pretty good at getting food into her mouth without dropping it. Another customer came over to comment on how adorable she was and that she enjoyed watching Livy eat with the chopsticks.

Yesterday we ended up going out to Chinese again with my sister and her boyo. Olivia asked for her chopsticks and she got a set along with my husband. She did great until she tried to lift an egg roll with them. It fell on the floor and greatly upset her.  At least now she knows, small food items for chop sticks!



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