Can valentines day be more than just expensive gifts and dates?

1013628_895482767151777_2001295977792595448_n (1)I’ve been reading a seemingly growing trend in the number of stories by people unhappy that their boyfriend or significant other doesn’t do anything special on valentines day. That they do get upset when they see people “bragging” on facebook about the expensive things other people have that they do not. Does that jealousy really offer anything good to the person feeling it?

I don’t think so. I admit, one year my husband and I were having a rough patch in our marriage. Lots of issues were going on. He did nothing for Valentines day, nothing for our anniversary, and so on. ┬áIt wasn’t until later did he realize he didn’t do anything, after of course I pointed it out and was like “yeah, I just didn’t think those days were important to you and that our relationship is basically over”.

The following year he did go all out. But to me, its not really a matter of what he buys. Its what he does! I love flowers, don’t get me wrong, I’m eager for spring to be here to start growing my own. But I don’t expect big lavish gifts or long date nights. We have a two and a four year old that can pull the romance out of anything majorly hot! However, I do expect to receive time and attention. Its the hugs and the kisses (XOXO) that makes Valentines day a good day for me.

I also don’t think its the man’s job to make Valentines day what it is. I think any woman should be able to do something nice for their loved ones. Its a day for the celebration of love and to have a loving relationship means having two people actively a part of it.

What do you think? Should this day be about both people? Should it be something that two people in a relationship together work on together as a couple?

Not sure what you can do? make a home made craft project that might cost you little to nothing to make!

Banner of Love (2014 Valentines Day project)

Valentines Day Art (2015 Valentines Day Project)




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