Butterscotch Cookies!

Olivia didn’t quite like me adding her cereal to the cookie mix. When I did she asked for milk too. Overall, this batch of cookies is kind of iffy on if I like them or not.

I followed the recipe on the butterscotch chips which was different than the one I used last year. Olivia had fun with the eggs. The first one she cracked fell right on the table! I grabbed another egg and we finished mixing.

The oven didn’t seem to be working when I went to switch the sheets on the oven racks.  When the timer was up, it was clear they were not done. So my husband put the heating element back into place and we finished cooking them.

They taste okay, but just not the greatest.

I am starting to think we can’t use the oven for more than 40 minutes at a time or it just stops working. This is really putting a damper on being able to do my 25 days of baking sweets!


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