Its a nice quiet morning with nothing but the sound of the falling rain. I’ve spent about an hour in bed coughing my lungs out and just couldn’t take lying down any longer. I still have about 20 minutes before I need to wake my oldest for school so what better time killer is there than to write in a journal?

This would be a little easier if the internet was working. Alas, notepad will have to do! Its been so long and there has been much I wanted to get to sharing I just can’t remember what all I’ve wanted to share and what I already have done so!

So I’ll just focus on some of my thoughts and bigger recent joys and obstacles starting with my youngest!

Delilah has been steadily gaining some weight minus a small push back when she was sick and dropped some ounces. She’s 9 months old. At her last weight check she was 16 lbs and 13 oz wearing a dry diaper and a onsie. I’m pretty darn happy! She’s talking regularly saying Mama, Daddy, Abba (as close to Abby as she gets). She clearly understands simple commands and does them like “come here??” “can I have that?” etc. She is even taking a few steps on her own without holding onto things. Most of the time though, she is still walking around with a hand on the couch. Some of her blood work has things still off a little but the dr doesn’t seem to be too concerned since they are very near normal and just borderline.

Abigail is nearing her 5th birthday. She’s eager and excited to start school! Recently she just got all of the kindergarten vaccines so she is completely ready for her next big adventure. She did have an allergic reaction to some of the vaccines but it wasn’t something that wasn’t anticipated. She’s got an allergy to raw egg parts and they are in some of the vaccines and when she was little she reacted bad to them so they were spaced out over time. This time though, the dr did give her them all in one dose. Then when she started having an immediate reaction she was still in the office to be seen, observed, and get a dose of allergy meds. They changed her prescription for that and it seems to be working better. She’s no longer going outside and coming inside all itchy after playing.

Olivia is not looking forward to summer! My adorable little bookworm started to cry when daddy had mentioned she had less than 2 weeks left of school. She’s going to really miss it! I told her its not like we haven’t talked to the parents for some of the other kids in her class/her friends about doing playdates over summer. So she can still see them! It still seems like it was just yesterday that started school. How did a school year go by so darn fast?

I can’t believe it… next school year I’m going to have two kids in school!!! I’m so going to miss them very much. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying my summer time with all my kids home! I already have a huge shelf with all sorts of project supplies for things to do. 🙂

So prayers everything continues to go as it has been!



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