Busy Sewing so many things!!!

I’ve finished the first apron I made. I love it and hope someone else does too. I already dropped it off at the missionary that has an upcoming fundraiser in November.  I totally forgot to snap a picture of it completed.. but I really loved how the off white/ creamy colored crochet embellishment looked on it.

I started sewing another apron (this one is for Abigail). I got a few pieces together and then a cathunk happened! I dont know why it happened but the needle bent awkwardly.  Thankfully, my husband came to the rescue with some new needles!!! Currently (I’ve been working on hers for a few days now), I’m working on crocheting her borders.

I still have Olivia’s and another fundraiser apron cut out and ready to be sewn together (just need the time!!).

I also started working on a very mini apron for Delilah! She didn’t want to sit still long enough for me to try and get a good picture of it. Its still a work in progress as I need to do the ties better and add in the crochet trim. She is in the stage where she is putting on others clothing and having fun in dress up. So I had to make her an apron too! Her print has little gingerbread cookie people on it.

Halloween Costumes!!!
Yes, we have started working on those last weekend and hopefully this weekend we can wrap them up!!! Olivia is making her own and I helped Abigail on hers.


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