Busy night in the kitchen to prep for tomorrow!

chiptoleI am so glad we didn’t have to make dinner tonight. We ended up getting Chipotle to go and had it at home.

Tonight was a very BUSY night baking and doing holiday crafts and things.

My family all helped in doing various tasks to get deserts and some sides made for tomorrow. For instance Livy helped place the Easter Cupcake papers in the pans so we could make mini carrot cakes. All in all this is what we completed tonight in our kitchen:

Potato Salad
Bacon and ranch pasta salad
Deviled Eggs
2 pumpkin pies
1 pineapple upside down cake
24 mini carrot cakes / cupcake size
1 round carrot cake (making home made frosting and all to be milk free/ soy based )

My husband also has the turkey going in the roaster to cook over night and he has a few other dishes he is working on. ­čÖé

Are you ready for Easter? I can’t wait!



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