Busy day today…

I thought yesterday was busy, but it was all mostly in preparation of today. My oldest girl Livy is going in for surgery this afternoon. So yesterday we went out to have some fun and picked up some special things for her.

sorryThe girls picked out some toys at the store. Livy chose a tea set and Abby selected some outdoor garden toys.┬áThen later we ran by Dollar General and they had all their Easter stuff at 70% off or more. So we ended up picking up two giant Easter baskets. The first was outdoor toy themed and will be fun to use in warmer weather. The other was a girlie girl set we plan to use when getting ready to head to the dr’s. Anything to keep her mind off what will come this afternoon.

At another shop I found a vintage version of Sorry from 1964! For 2 bucks I could not pass it up. The girls and I played our first game on that board last night. Livy is most definitely my daughter. I got to sorry her first and then next round when I asked if she minded moving my piece 11 spaces since it was in front of her, she refused and pouted! Abigail tried sneaking in extra spaces here and there too when she knows very well how to properly count!

Well, the girls are about done with their morning snack so its about time to get them to take showers and start getting ready to head out.



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