Busy 4th of July Weekend!

13579040_1179126995454018_1008511384_n The past week has been a very hectic one traveling between three different states. The dr gave the go ahead on an out of state road trip. So my family went to get all of our stuff out of storage. Its been sitting in there since we moved back down south.

The trip was eh and eh. I’m really happy and thankful that we got all of our stuff out of storage… but everything else was just one headache after another.

I really liked the hotel we stayed at. Every chance the girls and I got was spent swimming in the warm waters of the indoor pool.  The hot breakfast bar was really nice too. They had a good collection of items to pretty much make just about anyone happy. 

It was during breakfast one day that it really hit home to how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband. Our two daughters were still asleep and stayed in the room with my husband’s adult son while hubby and I ran down to eat. I was really starving! So I made a plate of food for hubby’s son and brought it back to the room with us when we were done eating.

Later when the girls woke up, we all went down so the kids could eat. I made coffee for my husband and I and got the girls their requested juice drinks. Meanwhile my husband fixed our daughters plates from the buffet bar.

Its something that I just really didn’t think about. Its rather often that he does one thing and I do another, and we just meet somewhere in the middle with both of us doing something to take care of our children and each other together as a team.  He’s really good like that.

I did feel rather sad when someone said something about him doing “all the work”. Really, it wasn’t because I felt bad for not fixing two plates. Just that the ignorant person who said such doesn’t understand how two people can work as a team to get things done.

Is it really that unusual to have two parents taking care of their kids together? I know almost half of all marriages end in divorce and the number of unmarried people having children together is pretty high. But surely its really not that big of an oddity is it?

I feel rather bad for children that grow up without both parents around. I’ve been there. My mom was a single parent. So I know how much harder she had to work and struggle to provide for my siblings and I after our father passed away.  Its one of the little reasons why I really do appreciate my husband’s presence in our lives. He’s really so thoughtful and considerate and understanding.

I know these past few months I’ve done very little around the house being sick and pregnant. Even now, I’m trying to do the best that I can to still contribute something while unpacking all these boxes… but he really doesn’t make me feel ashamed. After all, we made this baby girl together and we are going to love her together.

I will get back to my normal self after delivery and I’m more than willing to take care of him when he’s ill or needs a break. Isn’t that what a good marriage is suppose to be? To be able to support and be there for the other when needed?


So I am really glad that we are now home and getting resettled in. I did get rather concerned on the ride back home. I started getting full back contractions for around 3 hours without them having any kind of timing consistency between each contraction. It was painful! Alls I kept thinking was “baby girl, not now! we aren’t even in our home state yet!”

She stayed in… and the dr said I’m about 1-2 cm dilated. 🙂

As much as I like sitting there and watching my belly bounce around as she kicks and moves her hands about.. I really can’t wait to hold her. So any day now! 🙂



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