How to drawl a bunny!

My older sister showed me how to make a bunny along with a cat and a puppy! Her bunnies were always so much cuter than mine. To make this I started off with an upper case letter “B”. I added a poof tail for the butt and two more curves for the feet and the arms. The ears were again another little floppy mark.

I think this bunny looks to be a little bit pregnant! I did not mean to make the belly go out so far. Oh well!

I would show some of my puppy dogs and cats… but they come out looking NOTHING like what my sister use to do when we were kids! Such good memories. I really can’t wait until we get to visit with her again. She has better talent when it comes to drawling and I know she would enjoy teaching the girls a thing or two.

How to paint/ drawl a duck !

My crazy bird! (How to Drawl a bird )



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