March 18 is Goddess of Fertility day!

I have mentioned a bit about being Christian yet to mention celebrating this day seems almost sacrilegious.  The first thing I thought about when reading what today was, was about a Celtic Goddess Brigid.   My sister is very big into Celtic history, customs, and you name it. While growing up every day she mentioned a little fact or history tid bit. Like the Romans didn’t make all the roads, they just repaved Celtic road ways.

She also told me about how Catholic Christianity adopted some Celtic Gods and Goddesses and turned them into Saints.

So Goddess Brigid can also be seen in the Catholic Saint Brigid of Ireland.

Brigid, is the Celtic  goddess of fire childbirth, the hearth/home , poetry, healing, and unity.

Activity today

*  Toss a coin in a river or fountain and make a wish. The tradition of wishing wells came out of the offerings to gods and goddesses.


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