bop it review

I received the bop-it game free from hasbro to share with friends and family. It came free through house party in the party pack for the Hasbro Game Night SIMON SWIPE Challenge! party I hosted.

I really enjoyed the game as it feels like a fun spin on the simon game. the only downfall to playing the game is the directions for the select actions are given by an electronic voice. So if a person can not hear it, they can not really play the game. I had a few guests including my husband who have hearing impairments so not everyone could enjoy this game.

it was a big hit for the kids in the seven and up crowd plus my daughter who is three almost four!

One of the things I like most about the game is its just a single unit. So it makes for a great game to bring to a party and use as an ice breaker without fear of losing little pieces or it getting misplaced.



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