Book Lovers Day

August 9th is Book Lovers Day!

Do you love a great book? I sure do! I have been spending extra money on great book finds in thrift stores, garage sales, yard sales, book stores, to anywhere that sells them since I was a teenager. Actually, a lot earlier than that as I have a lot of memories of going to Waldenbooks with my family before or after church and other times for sales. I didn’t always buy books, sometimes it was magic the gathering cards. But still!

My bedroom as a kid use to be a personal library where I had wall to wall of book shelves filled with books with a twin size bed and a dinning table to use as a study desk! I may have been a tad bit nerdy gothic. Nevertheless, I easily could spend my free time reading or crafting! 🙂

My major interests for book collecting goes along the topics of Atlantis, Philosophy, Nature, Religion, Animals, Ethics, Astronomy, and well anything of interesting.

Things to do today!

1. Grab a book and enjoy reading it! I have a feeling my kids will be still reading their new books they received yesterday.

new books on a rainy day

2. Don’t have a book in your house? Either make one, visit a library, or maybe go out and purchase one somewhere.

“book” made out of a single sheet of paper

3. Share / recommend a great book for those looking to pick up a new read!

Some leisure books in my collection:

the Four Agreements
Old Cat and the Kitten
the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood



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