Birthday girl’s day!

birthdaysmall3I can’t believe my oldest baby girl is now officially five years old! Livy really has grown up to be a very wonderful little lady filled with a lot of love and compassion for others.

Most of her morning was spent playing dress up and playing outside on the kids swingset. She wore two pairs of pants,
a pair of shorts, two dresses, and a coat. She wanted her little sister to be dressed similarly to stay warm but Abby said she was too hot for all that!

birthdaysmall2 We went out for a little shopping to pick up her cake and some other last minute things. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Long John Silvers.

Her birthday party was a blast. Abigail kept telling the birthday girl what presents she had before Livy could open them. Little bits CAN NOT keep secrets!birthdaysmall


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