Birthday girl got the pinchme box!


My last Pinchme box came in the mail today! My birthday girl was the one to open the package this time.

It was loaded with all sorts of free samples to try. My favorite to try so far was the Tom’s of Maine deodorant.  The fragrance is wild lavender and it really smells great. I used it before our outside barbecue and it worked great!

My husband made the GEVALIA traditional blend coffee sample to go along with the birthday cake. It was enough to make four cups so only the adults really got to enjoy that sample. I loved it! It was such a sweet delicious rich taste that really made me think of my mom. She use to get this coffee mailed to the house on like a monthly basis. I am definitely going to be using the coupon that came with this sample to go get some more!

There were a ton more samples too but I haven’t had a chance to use them just yet. 🙂

Thanks Pinchme!



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