Bingo! *Craft Project*

PIC_0242 Total Supplies:

  • 4 pieces of construction paper (1 for game calling cards & tokens, 3 to make 12 game boards)
  • marker or crayons
  • scissors

Step 1: Cut 3 pieces of paper into quarters to make 12 game boards. If you want to make more or less adjust the amount of paper you use.

PIC_0246Step 2: Keep folding the paper in half until you get to the right card sizes you want. I made mine small so I would have a few extra in case I lost a piece.


PIC_0258 Step 3: Drawl a box and add in the lines to make as many spaces as you want. I wanted to work on numbers and keep it simple for my toddlers so I did a board size of 3 by 3.

Step 4: Add in the numbers to make the boards and the cards.

Step 5: I had my girls decorate the tops or wherever, so they could help make the boards too.

Step 6: make the counters! We used some counters we already had from a different bingo game. However its super easy to cut up or rip up some junk mail or paper to make counters/markers.

Step 7: Enjoy playing the game!

PIC_0250PIC_0263 PIC_0266


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