Beaded Fringe Trim

I hand sewn this beaded fringe trim around one of my lamp shades when I was decorating my library/ study a few years back. All of the beads and adornments were picked up second hand through thrift stores. I collected a ton of 1920’s costume jewelry to pieces from just about any decade.

There was a thrift store that would make mini bags of broken pieces like necklaces falling apart or not all there/ etc and sell it cheaply. So I took some gambles on those!

The pattern is 1 paper bead (the long green ones) with a crystal like gem at the end. Then two stone colored beads. Then a string of pearl like beads or gold ones with an earing or charm embellishment at the bottom. Two more stone beads, then back to the paper one. I also added in little “gold” colored beads and pearl looking ones to keep everything uniform and semi even.

I love that there is just so much to look at and see but its small enough the variations are not overwhelming.



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