Be Late for Something Day

Breath taking Sky..September 5th is Be Late for Something Day

How much time is spent looking at a clock and doing everything because it has to be done? So much of everyday life is now a combination of planned events from scheduled play dates for children to doctor appointments, work hours, etc. There is little time to sit and relax or even just enjoy the moment. In a lot of families its just Rush! rush! rush! hustle! hustle! hustle!

So today, was a little day created by the Procrastinators Club of America to make time to enjoy the journey. Its a friendly day to remind people that its okay to be a little late once in a while. Why put off saying hello to someone you hadn’t seen in ages because you are rushing to some appointment that wouldn’t hurt to be a moment or two late for? Does it really hurt to arrive a moment or two later if it meant you got an extra hug or snuggle from your kids?

Things to consider doing today with family

1. Feel free to skip using the clock today if you don’t have anything majorly important to attend to (doctors, school, work)! Enjoy your day and get to doing your things as they happen. After all, its better late than never!

2. Be a little late to something because you stopped to enjoy the journey instead of being in a rush to the next current destination. Stop at that cool coffee shop that just opened up! Take the kids to grab an ice cream before the next stop on that busy schedule. Do something to make the moment count!


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