Be an Angel Day

August 22nd is Be an Angel Day!

What exactly does it mean to “be an angel”? To me it means to be gentle, compassionate, and helpful to others. Its to be kind and loving to others. .

I think it is a little sad that when someone does something nice for another person its an oddity. It can shock or surprise someone. But I think such acts of kindness should be a part of every day life. They should happen more often! I think they would if more people took a little time to remember we are all people. We should be more aware of each other as living beings as well as our current surroundings instead of being emotionless pixels taking up space in digital world of the hyperspace of cell phones, computers, tablets, and so on!.

Its why I try really hard to limit what time I spend online and focus on the blessings of everyday life.

Want to “celebrate” today? Be kind and maybe enjoy doing some of these activities:

1. Do something nice for others. Its really important to teach our next generation through example on how being nice and taking care of others is an important part of being a productive member of society.

My Sweet Little Angel taking care of her carebear.

2. Paint / drawl/ color Angels with your kids/family. Talk about their possible existence and what they might mean to you.

my fairy… or angel?

3. Admire paintings portraying angels. My favorite is this one (pictured above) I found at the hospital when my youngest daughter was admitted for several days: Angels, Dreams, and Prayers

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