43867_300I saw the idea of using pingpong balls into mini basketballs. Then making a hoop out of an empty diaper wipe flap thing on one of the kids craft shows we sometimes watch on weekends.

It just seemed like a fun thing to do on a rainy day. Well, I thought to put a mini Easter spin on it and make basketegg game!  I spent 1 dollar making this since everything was reused items at my house.


Empty box of cereal
3 baby food jars (you can use anything,,,its just to add weight and keep box in place)
Empty orange weave (any fruit net bag would work)
Empty diaper pack
Thread and needle
Christmas wrap (any paper or you could make homemade paint to cover box)
Hot glue (i used puzzle glue)
2 pieces of construction paper
Mini plastic eggs ( the only thing I bought)

43212_100I started with putting the jars in the box and taping it closed. Then Livy and I wrapped the box with the Christmas wrap (pattern on the inside). Set aside, but in our case Livy shake and play with box while I do next step.

43378_100Cut a portion of the net from our empty bag of oranges. Then sew the net on to the diaper flap (i took the hard flap off from the bag). This really doesnt have to be perfect. I was supper quick because Abby is teething and was starting to get fussy.

When done, add glue to backboard of the “net” and attach to box. We used puzzle glue so livy could help. We were also planning to go out for over an hour so it had time to dry before we all got home.

Cut construction paper into ears and glue/tape on back of box. Mine kind of flap forward a bit….unsupported!
Use marker and drawl little eyes on!

43648_100Take out plastic eggs and play!




This was such an easy craft to do, to keep a 2 year old semi busy while getting some birthday food/prep done!



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